About Department

24/7 Ambulatory and emergency services provided close supervision of specialized high qualified ER –Physician with well trained ER-specialized nurses-ambulatory/Emergency Department is integratly equipped with all required medical equipments, machines &devices e.g.: ECG, BP, Monitors ,DC shock machine glucometers, Nebulizers….etc With a comprehensive ambulance service supported with fully equipped ambulances and professional medical & paramedical staff. GPH Emergency Department provide 24/7 specialist services for Obs/Gyn and pediatric patients

Useful info and health tips

Emergency healthy tips

  • If patient having fever should immediately seek Medical attention. because fever is one of clinical symptom of underlying infection  in the Body . so it is advisable to patient if they are running fever should seek medical attention. Diagnosing and Treating the Infection Early Reduces the complications.
  • Avoid  Over the counter Purchase of Antibiotics  always consult your Treating Doctor. unnecessary use of Antibiotics use increases the resistance and sometimes can give fetal Drug related allergic Reactions