About Department

GPH pharmacy provides a pharmaceutical and medication display in a 24/7 services;2 outlets one serving the out patients &walk in patients and the other for releasing medications for the in-patient department.

All registered medications, over the counter (OTC) and pharmaceutical, food supplements and medical devices; first aid sets….etc are available in GPH pharmacy department.

Useful info and health tips

Keep it cool, dark and dry

Medicines should be kept in a cool, dry place and protected from light.

  • Exposure to light, heat and moisture can accelerate the breakdown of medicines, which may reduce their efficacy or cause superficial changes, e.g. discoloration.
  • In a warm and humid country like Singapore, appropriate storage is thus particularly important.

Keep away from children

  • Poisoning incidents involving children are often attributable to the accidental ingestion
  • These are usually preventable if medicines are stored appropriately.

Therefore, medicines should always be kept in a locked drawer/cabinet or at higher levels, beyond the reach of children.
Medicine that has changed color, consistency or odor should never be used regardless of expiry.