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The GPH Vascular Surgery Department provides services for patients with non-cardiac

Vascular disorders are those conditions that involve/affect the arteries and veins outside of the heart.

While the majority of the patients that we examine & evaluate are managed without surgical procedure; some of the vascular diseases will at times require surgical intervention Varies Between minimal invasive procedures and open surgical procedure.

We offer Professional consultation, periodic screening for vascular disease, manage patients medically and monitor further progression of the disease. And medically acting on a long and short term plans to treat and to avoid any expected complications.

In response to an increasing number of patients with venous disease problems (Especially after deliveries and occupationally related Varicose Veins)

Our highly specialized and dedicated team equipped with cutting edge technology provides the latest treatment techniques for all patients with varicose veins, chronic venous disease. Such as Venous colored Doppler , Duplex U/S, Laser Therapy & Vascular CT.

That may be necessary in order to make an accurate diagnosis and choose the best way for treatment.

We encourage all our patients and their families to learn about their medical condition and available treatment options.

The GPH Vascular Department is committed to provide comprehensive vascular care which includes a focus on cardiovascular prevention through promoting and maintaining healthy lifestyles (smoking cessation, exercise and weight reduction and cholesterol reduction).


Useful info and health tips

Top ten tips to safeguard your vision

  • Wear sunglasses
  • Don’t Smoke
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Have a baseline eye exam by age 40
  • Wear eye protection when playing sports or doing home repair jobs
  • Know your family history
  • Early intervention
  • Know your eye care provider
  • Contact lens care
  • Be aware of eye fatigue


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    Dr. Deena Qedrah

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