Melissa-Landres_Rancho-Mirage-baby-photographer_0050Zainab Emad Abdulameer streated by Dr. Nada Hamza!!

Zainab Emad Abdulameer saying thank you!!!!!!


I am Nader Abdolrazagh Mohammadi, Senior Regional Manager for Emirates Airlines. My wife, Dr. Zainab Emad Abdulameer was admitted to your institution on the 18 March and was discharged 21 March 2015. She is under my insurance which is of Category A from which we can choose any esteemed medical facility that can give us the best quality service that we are entitled. We were previously treating in an other Hospital since day 1 up to 9th month of her pregnancy but due to some unfortunate events we decided to find another facility. You were then recommended to us by my wife’s physician, Dr. Nada Hamza. To be honest, at first I was hesitant as I am not so familiar of your institution. I am very particular on almost all the details as this a very momentous and important event in our family’s life. Of course, I want the best for both of them. My wife gave birth to our first child under Caesarian Section. Our decision on having this done in your facility is a very good choice for us. You have not failed us. She was admitted in the Royal Suite Room 217. During our stay in the hospital, both my wife and daughter were very well taken care of. The care was even extended to us, the family and guests of the patient. I am very thankful of how we were attended to by all your staffs, from the housekeeping, nurses up to the doctors. I would like to specially commend Ms. Merena Thomas, who was the nurse in charge of both my wife and daughter. She really did her job well. She is always there to assist them. We are really satisfied of how she took care of them. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and your staffs for the admirable and satisfactory service that we got during our stay from admission up to the discharge. I believe an experience like this should not be kept quiet thus I wrote your good office to let you know.

fotolia_49916741_l-(1)Clara Joseph Treated By Dr. Mona Al Gaiar

Thank you for Saving my daughter’s life!!!!

The only positive thing that happened to me was that I visited to Al Garhoud Private Hospital and visit Dr. Mona Al Gaiar - Specialist Pediatrician-,you really saved my daughter’s life!!!Thank God there are doctors like you,....


My daughters Clara Joseph is 2 years old was complaining of vomiting with very dark bloody urine, we have visited many hospitals as she had different treatment and many injections but she didn’t improve at all. As it was recommended by some friends, we visited Al Garhoud Private Hospital and we consult Dr. Mona Al Gaiar - Specialist Pediatrician – the doctor noticed that my daughter was very pale and insisted on some specific investigations.Unfortunately the result of the investigation showed with severe drops of hemoglobin (4.6 gm) due to breaking of the arbsis with hemolytic anemia, and the cause was diagnosed of G6PD deficiency as it was fresh case without any history or previous diagnosis. Blood transfusion was given to my daughter. My daughter has to avoid some medications and food that lead to the hemolytic. I was advised by Dr. Mona to bring my other son to do the screening; Dr. Mona discovered the same diagnosis for the youngest son. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for still allowing me to have my daughter around. I am so grateful to you and feel truly blessed to have you taking care of my daughter. There is no way to truly express the depth of me and my family’s appreciation. You are an amazing Doctor and Hospital and I am honored to know you.

1_nHessa Mohamed Treated By Dr. Bassam Al Masri

Doctor Care is Excellent Care!!!

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you and how INCREDIBLY LUCKY I was to have you as my doctor. I had the best of the best. Now that I am out the other side and taking a moment to exhale...

Thank you for everything! My name is Hessa Mohamed,  I was suffering from multiple mouth ulcers for more than one year; I have been through a very difficult time, where i can’t eat or drink anything without severe pain. I have seen several doctors and visited many hospitals without benefit. I am grateful to my God who guides me to reach Al Garhoud Private Hospital and the expert Physician Dr. Bassam Al Masri – Specialist Internal Medicine- Who gives me the right diagnosis and the right treatment My case is behcet’s disease. Now I know my problem and I know the treatment. I feel much better. I can eat and drink normally My experience with Al Garhoud Private Hospital care was beyond my belief, Thank you for providing expert and gentle medical care. I do recommend the hospital & doctors Care to others for the care and advise they provide. I appreciate the support and expert work they surround me with. I can see other than keep up the great care and the trust you that you give to your patient. My level of confidence in medical treatment and care by the fine staff and doctors is infinite. Thank you for making me feels more than welcome and comfortable.


  • testimonial5BUSHRA

    " Al Garhoud Private Hospital is truly a wonderful place as experienced by us. Right from the reception to nurse to our beloved Dr. Hanan El Gayar, specialist Gyneacologist – all of them made us feel home! "
  • testimonial4ROULA ELHACHEM
    " This is not he my first delivery, but it was quite different from the moment I entered the hospital; starting with very helpful and compassionate staffs, and the very clean, beautiful and inviting ambience – all of these has helped me greatly to get back to my good health and to return with my family within the stipulated time! I wish all the best to GPH team! "
  • testimonial3DANIELA
    " Despite having a complicated delivery, I never felt the pain of delivery as usual… It was a great experience compared to my previous one. I was well informed about the prenatal procedures and pre and post natal exercises which I had to undergo and a very close supervision of diet from the diet and nutrition specialist! This is in addition to the wonderful baby care which we have experienced at GPH. All these made our hospital stay more fascinating and a memorable experience. "
  • testimonial2VANESSA VERDE

    " I just had undergone hysteroscopy and hysterectomy last 28th Feb 2013, performed by Dr. Nidhi Sapolia. It was a big relief for me to have the surgery done in the hands of a very gentle and kind doctor, who from the first visit and even after surgery made me feel secure and safe. She even answers the silliest question with all smiles upto my own understanding who, like others just want to be sure of the uncertainties of the procedure. Dr Nidhi and her team were very helpful ......
  • testimonialAYHAM GHAREB

    " Though Al Garhoud Hospital was known to me for the last one year, this is my first visit here at the hospital.
    I was pleasantly surprised the very moment I entered the hospital building and during my stay at the hospital
    as I hardly felt I am in a hospital. The two days of my stay for my daughter's surgery was as pleasant and
    comfortable as in a hotel stay during my vacation! "