Dr. Duaa Dergham

Departments: Dental Department
Languages: English, Arabic
Speciality: General and Cosmetic Dentist
Availability: Full Time
Board Certificate: BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery

More About The Doctor:

Cosmetic and General Dentist in Dubai

Dr. Duaa Dergham is a Cosmetic and General Dentist born, raised and educated in Jordan. Her passion for dentistry came along with her artistic talents and the art of creating beautiful smiles in true artistic spirits, Dr. Dergham is a perfectionist in her work, it is those high standards that helped her stand out in such a competitive industry. Dr. Dergham has continuously strived to keep learning and expanding on her skillset through the pursuit of advanced dentistry courses and healthcare management. She found a particular passion in cosmetic dentistry as she aims to show her patients the power of a beautiful smile and the lasting impression reflected in healthy, bright teeth. She adores her work and finds her success in the happiness her patients radiate after their dental treatments. Over the years, she has expanded her clientele base to include family, friends and celebrities, some of which have become her dearest friends. She is proud to say that more than 30% of her circle are also patients who she might have helped in one way. Dr. Dergham completed her B.D.S. from the University of Jordan which has proven to be one of the top ten dental faculties in the region. She started her early career in Jordan’s private sector before moving to the UAE. Since then, Dr. Dergham has managed to build her experience from various well-reputable institutions, including Dubai’s Ministry of Health, Public Schools’ health clinics as well as privately-owned and managed clinics. To add to her practical experience, Dr. Dergham has attended and participated in many international dental workshops, sessions, and conferences. She has developed a particular interest in root canal treatments and aesthetic dentistry, including veneers, whitening, and teeth bonding. All of which have led her to become one of the leading Cosmetic Dentists in the UAE. Coming from her dedication to empowering women both in their professional and personal lives, Dr. Dergham is a strong believer in the power of words and their impact in changing women’s lives. She has, thus, become an active member of the Dubai Business Women Club and multiple social groups, including the Roses Club, Ask, Connect, Empower Women Group. She makes it a priority to participate in various health, and women's rights awareness sessions within the community. In her personal life Dr. Dergham is a single mother to three children who she considers to be her biggest and most important life achievement.

Professional Membership:

  • Jordanian Dental Association
  • United Arab Emirates Medical Association


  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • Diploma of Root Canal treatment