Internal Medicine Department

About Internal Medicine Department

We are home to a rich tradition of best internal medicine in Dubai dealing with the treatment, prevention anddiagnosis of adult diseases. From regular medical check-ups to diagnose lifestyle diseases andother ailments, we have all the state-of-the-art facilities for disease diagnosis, management andprevention which are the main priorities at this internal medicine department. This department has the facilities andexpertise to handle a wide range of health issues including hypertension, diabetes, obesity, glandsdisease, inflammation of the liver, lung diseases with a commitment for regular check-up programs to all age groups.

Useful info and health tips

Elevation of high cholesterol is a known risk factor for developing stenosis of the heart of drain vessels, so we advise you to check it on a regular basis.
Tips on controlling your Diabetes
• Exercise and food intake are two important remedies to reduce Diabetes
• Regular exercise may reduce diabetes by 66%
• Improve your food intake reduce refined sugar
• Don’t implement self-medication without a doctor’s prescription

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