Dr. Suzan El Badry

DEPARTMENTS: Gastroenterology Department
Spoken Languages: English, Arabic
Specialist: Specialist Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology
Types of Physician: Full Time

More About The Doctor:

Dr. Suzan ElBadry, the Best Female Gastroenterology Specialist in Dubai at GPH. She started her career 26 years back by graduating from Alexandria School of Medicine in Egypt on 1990.
She practiced as Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Specialist in Alexandria University Hospital.
Dr. Suzan established endoscopy unit at Health Insurance Hospital of Alexandria.
She practiced as Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology Consultant at her own clinic in Alexandria, Egypt.
Dr. Suzan joined many clinics and hospitals in Dubai as Gulf Medical Center, FathiEmara Clinic, Rashid Hospital Gastroenterology unit and internal medicine department, AlMousa Medical Center and Al Garhoud Private Hospital.
Dr. Suzan has a wide experience in all branches of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes, Rheumatology, Respiratory, Nephrology and General Medicine with a special interest in Gastroenterology and Hepatology right thru from Egypt to Austria, Hongkong, London and UAE.
Dr. Suzan Shared in many local medical researches.

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Professional Memberships:

ESGE Europlan Society of GI Endoscopy.
EMS Egypt Medical Syndicate.
EGA Egypt Gastroenterology Association.
EMA Emirates Medical Association.
EGA Emirates Gastroenterology Association.
Austria Three Dimension Ultrasonography Association.


Graduation on 1990 (Egypt).
M.S. Internal Medicine 1996 (Egypt).
3D Ultrasound Diploma 1999 (Austria).
ACLS(Harvard Medical School)2011.
MD Internal Medicine 2012 (Egypt).
Diabetes/Atherosclerosis Diploma 2014 (Boston).