Caesarean Section Delivery Package

Women's health requires comprehensive care, which is provided by experienced doctors. In Dubai, we offer the best C-Section delivery package. Discover the services provided by HMS Al Garhoud Hospital Dubai's Caesarean section delivery package.


The following are the exclusions and inclusions applicable to the above mentioned package  amount


  • OBS001B – Caesarean Delivery Package
    • Surgeon Fee
    • Operating room and Anesthesia Charges
    • 3 Days stay in Private Room
    • Routine consumables, medicines and Lab tests (CBC & Coagulation profile)
    • Cardiotocogram – CTG
  • OBS015A – New Born Baby Package
    • 3 days stay in Nursery
    • GPH Pediatric consultations
    • Routine consumables and medicines at nursery
    • Vaccines – Engerix and BCG
    • Hearing Test
    • Blood Tests – Bilicheck, Blood Grouping, Coombs test, RBS, Total bilirubin


  • 3rd time (and subsequent) LSCS an additional fee of Dhs. 10,000 will be added onto the package  (OBS001B)
  • Baby’s Circumcision Dhs. 2,500
  • New Born Screening Test Dhs. 700
  • All charges relevant to the extended stay in the hospital, for both mother and baby
  • All charges relevant to baby’s stay in NICU (Average cost per day Dhs. 6,000)
  • In case of twins, additional fee of Dhs. 5,500 will be added to the package
  • In case of triplets, additional fee of Dhs. 10,000 will be added to the package
  • All charges that are not mentioned under inclusions list

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