Committed to Patient Recovery

Ayman Mergany Treated By Dr. Mohamed Kandil

“Mr. Ayman Mergany, is a 35 year old football enthusiast who likes to play recreationally during his free time. On one occasion while he was playing he suddenly experienced an injury to his right knee by twisting it. The knee swelled up and he complained of pain. When the patient visited my I suspected a torn medial meniscus and advised an urgent MRI and immediately placed him on some anti inflammatories to cool down his angry knee. After receiving the results, we discovered that his meniscus was infect torn. I explained to the patient that the earlier we decide to do an arthroscopic repair of the meniscus the better the chances of it healing restoring the normal anatomy versus us doing a menisectomy and wearing the meniscus. Luckily the patient was eager to proceed with the surgery and get his knee back to operational form. Having an open relationship and transparency with my patients is of utmost importance to me as it helps me treat my patients and it gives them a sense of comfort to know their full diagnosis and all of their options. Mr. Ayman’s surgery went very well and the patient is undergoing rehabilitation with the best chance of healing. We are looking to return him to the football field soon enough!