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Entrusting your children’s health is important for all parents. When it comes to choosing the right clinic for your children, what do you need to look for? There are several factors to consider when choosing the right clinic to ensure your kids are well-taken care of and to make your child comfortable with every Doctor’s visit.

Why Choose HMS Al Garhoud Hospital?

There are many pediatric clinics that cater to kids and their families. At HMS Al Garhoud Hospital we have the best Pediatric clinic in Dubai providing comprehensive medical service using only the latest technology to care for your little one. At every visit, your child will be examined and treated by our highly skilled pediatrician, with the support of the healthcare team. We give you our assurance that we will meet your child’s needs, whether for a routine check-up to diagnostic procedures like developmental evaluations, vaccines, or treatment of an illness or injury.

Comfortability that feels like Home

In order for young patients to feel more at ease and comfortable we ensure that the atmosphere in the pediatric clinic is warm and child-friendly. Our Pediatric Clinic and Inpatient rooms have been decorated and furnished with kid-friendly surroundings to make the experience as pleasant as possible. At HMS we care for our patients. That is why it is important for us to provide your child specialized care based on their needs and the main consideration in choosing our pediatric specialist is the range of services and coverage that we can provide.

Key Consideration Factor for your Pediatric visit

  • Care for Newborn Infants: Babies have certain needs and HMS provide specialized pediatric treatment care for newborn, ensuring that they will receive all support needed for healthy development.
  • Routine check-ups & wellness care: Routine checkups are important to a growing child. Our highly specialized pediatric team conducts thorough check-ups, wellness, and immunizations to monitor your child’s health.
  • Vaccination and Nutrition Care: Vaccination and nutrition program plays an important role in preventing any acquired diseases. At HMS Al Garhoud Hospital, we provide comprehensive immunization, following the required schedule to ensure that every child will receive all necessary vaccinations for their development. It is also necessary and important to keep your child’s immune system healthy by providing them with proper nutritional care provided by our specialist.
  • Treatment of Infection or Acute Illness: Our highly skilled pediatricians provide the best care to properly diagnose and treat any illness your child may acquire.
  • Developmental milestones or Growth Monitoring: Our specialist monitors your child’s growth, behavior, skills, and development, provided that they are reaching the key milestones appropriate for their age. Our team of specialists will provide proper interventions and guidance to support your child’s growing-up needs.
  • Location and Availability: We are conveniently located near you and an important factor to consider is the availability of our specialist 24/7.
  • Compassionate care: our pediatric clinic’s enthusiastic approach is caring for young patients and treating them with empathy, kindness, and compassion. This is a holistic way of promoting healing for faster recovery.
  • Personalized care: every child has their individual needs, our practice is that every patient has personalized attention and a completely customized treatment plan.

Pediatric Specialty

At HMS Al Garhoud Hospital, we care the most, we provide expert and focused pediatric care to ensure your child stays well at any age, at any stage, and at all times. The list of specialists available for your child:

  • Neonatology

    Our neonatologists have world-class experience, offering the highest level of care in the weeks before and after babies are delivered. Providing care for normal to critically ill newborns and premature babies.

  • Pediatric

    Our specialist pediatricians are highly qualified medical doctors who care for the health and well-being of every child. Providing accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment based on the child’s developmental age and helps parents to look after their child’s needs.

  • Pediatric Cardiology

    Our well-experienced pediatric Heart specialist provides only the latest technology and research-based care committed to excellence in diagnosing and treating heart problems in children.

  • Pediatric Gastroenterology

    Our Pediatric Gastroenterologist is highly skilled in caring for children with digestive difficulties or gastrointestinal disorders. Our care plan involves all options from diet to alternative treatment and in extreme cases will only opt for surgery.

  • Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

    Our Pediatric orthopedic surgeons are experts in managing orthopedic conditions including bone or joint infections, broken bones, and bone abnormalities or injuries affecting children.

  • Pediatric Surgeon

    Children have a unique nature of medical and surgical care, our best Pediatric Surgeons have specialized training in pediatric surgery and are well-experienced in treating children from birth to their late adolescence. If your child has an injury or disease that requires an operation, we have the best pediatric surgeon to manage your child’s surgical needs.

At HMS Al Garhoud Hospital, we treat your child the very best with warmth and comfort. Entrust your child’s health to our highly experienced specialist pediatrician and call us now to book for appointment.

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