Thank you for Saving my daughter’s life!!

Clara Joseph Treated By Dr. Mona Al Gaiar

The only positive thing that happened to me was that I visited to Al Garhoud Private Hospital and visit Dr. Mona Al Gaiar – Specialist Pediatrician-,you really saved my daughter’s life!!!Thank God there are doctors like you,….
My daughters Clara Joseph is 2 years old was complaining of vomiting with very dark bloody urine, we have visited many hospitals as she had different treatment and many injections but she didn’t improve at all. As it was recommended by some friends, we visited Al Garhoud Private Hospital and we consult Dr. Mona Al Gaiar – Specialist Pediatrician – the doctor noticed that my daughter was very pale and insisted on some specific investigations.Unfortunately the result of the investigation showed with severe drops of hemoglobin (4.6 gm) due to breaking of the arbsis with hemolytic anemia, and the cause was diagnosed of G6PD deficiency as it was fresh case without any history or previous diagnosis. Blood transfusion was given to my daughter. My daughter has to avoid some medications and food that lead to the hemolytic. I was advised by Dr. Mona to bring my other son to do the screening; Dr. Mona discovered the same diagnosis for the youngest son. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for still allowing me to have my daughter around. I am so grateful to you and feel truly blessed to have you taking care of my daughter. There is no way to truly express the depth of me and my family’s appreciation. You are an amazing Doctor and Hospital and I am honored to know you.